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Cleaning Induction Stove Tops

  Joseph Berger  |    31 October 2022

Rising Popularity of Induction

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Expert Guide to Cleaning Keurig

  Joseph Berger  |    22 September 2022

The crack team at Maid University has put together a short and to the point how-to on keeping your single-serving coffee machine delivering the goodness with cleanliness. Keurigs are a wonder for the coffee fiend who doesn't want to or can't be bothered with brewing a whole pot and want their coffee quickly. It's a must-have, isn't it?

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Hot to Expertly Clean an Air Fryer

  Joseph Berger  |    21 September 2022

Air Fryers have exploded in popularity over the past several years and it has become abundantly clear that they're way more than a fad. Air Fryers are a quick and easy ways to make delicious snacks. However, we're all a little bit unsure as to how to best clean these new devices in our lives. Accordingly, we've tapped our brilliant home cleaners and the great minds of Maid University to put together an expert guide to maintaining the cleanliness of your Air Fryer.

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6 Steps to Clean Soccer Cleats

  Joseph Berger  |    20 September 2022

Clearly, cleat cleaning is an important part of being the world's best soccer mom or dad. Soccer cleats are going to almost always come home dirty, smelly and so on. Here are a few steps to improve your soccer stars looks, as well the smells.

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Green Cleaning with You've Got MAIDS South Charlotte

  Mitch  |    03 June 2021  |    House Cleaning Tips,  |    South Charlotte

Ten Ways to Clean Green


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Quick Cleaning Tips from You've Got MAIDS South Charlotte

  Mitch  |    03 June 2021  |    House Cleaning Tips,  |    South Charlotte

Cleaning Tips

House cleaning can be hard, time-consuming, and downright dirty. While house cleaning can be all of those things it doesn't have to be. House cleaning is all about preparation and maintenance. Follow a few helpful tips and your house cleaning will become less painful.

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