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How to Remove Food Coloring From Fabric

  Jonathan Teall  |    18 March 2020  |    House Cleaning Tips

Step by Step Stain Removal

Food coloring is a concentrated food safe dye that is found in most processed food items, and even in seasonal beverages (here's looking at you, Saint Patrick!). What happens when you spill some on your lightly colored carpet, or your favorite white shirt? Well, you don't have to resolve yourself to wearing your newly tie-dyed fashion statement forever. Follow these our easy stain removal process, and you're sure to clean it right up.

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Coronavirus Myths

  Joseph Berger  |    17 March 2020

Changing Times

Doesn't it seem like that breaking news is only ever half right? With time, the truth always comes out. What is worrisome is that during events such as the current coronavirus pandemic, we need to have the right information. Protecting our families and communities through attaining and spreading correct information is a social duty we all share.

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Home Sanitization During COVID-19

  Joseph Berger  |    17 March 2020

Like all Americans, we are closely following the progress of COVID-19. While developments in China and South Korea as well as the responses of communities across our great country bring us hope that this pandemic will soon pass, we're also aware that no family, business, or organization can carry through these times without being proactive. To that end, we would like to share with you what You've Got Maids is doing to address the COVID-19 while remaining true to our mission of bringing peace and clean into America's homes.


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Peace of Mind, Soap, and What They Have in Common

  Jonathan Teall  |    17 March 2020  |    House Cleaning Tips

It may be on your mind, but soap can help to keep it off of your hands.



Do you remember the importance that was placed upon washing your hands when you were still in grade school? The teachers would make it seem like something fun, a task that you simply didn't want to miss out on. If you ever need to remember how to properly take the time allotted, think back to those days, and sing a 'happy birthday' song to yourself, all the way through a couple of times, and vigorously wash your hands until the songs are over. Now is the time to recall the importance of handwashing that was instilled in us, and then spend some extra time washing your hands to protect those around you. Routinely washing your hands is the first step towards keeping others safe. We should all make a conscious effort to spend a few more moments with your soapy hands under the running faucet, remember to try singing a song in your head to keep track of the time - it still works!

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10 Questions You Should Always Ask Before Hiring A Maid Service

  Joseph Berger  |    24 January 2020  |    House Cleaning Tips

1. Are your maids contractors or employees?

A company comprised of employees is going to be able to provide a more consistent service. Their employees have stable employment and are working full time for the business. Accordingly, the team that'll be cleaning your home is more likely to be comprised of the same faces and people who are fully engaged in their job.

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10 Ways to Save Your Money

  Montanna Lussier  |    14 August 2019  |    home life,  |    Free,  |    save

Effective Tips for Spending Less Money

We've all been there: a really nice 40% off sign in our favorite store window, a coupon book in the mail, a good BOGO deal at the local grocery store. Small marketing gimmicks draw us in to spend more money than we would have in the first place, just because we think we're spending less money. It's not about spending money; it's about saving it. Here are a few ways you can truly save your money.

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