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Are You Spending the Weekends Scrubbing?

  Drew Denby  |    12 April 2017  |    House Cleaning Tips,  |    Sarasota

 Did you know we have quite the reputation for our One Time 52 Point Extreme Deep Cleaning Service? Our deep clean is so detailed when we have finished, you will feel like you have a new home.

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Alert. Find out how you can stop nasty germs spreading in your home

  Drew Denby  |    08 March 2016  |    Choosing a maid service,  |    Sarasota

Here's a tip for you at home on how to stop coughs and colds spreading through your home.

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  Drew Denby  |    22 October 2014  |    Choosing a maid service,  |    Sarasota


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Hidden Dangers caused by Grease Buildup in Barbecues and Wire brushes?

  Drew Denby  |    05 July 2014  |    House Cleaning Tips,  |    Sarasota

 Flare-ups due to grease build-up can be more than a nuisance and ruin the food, they can start a fire. Grease collects in your grill and can build up over time if it’s not removed regularly. It is important to keep your  Sarasota grill clean so that your food is not tainted and there are no safety risks. So no matter what type of barbecue you use, you need to stop the grease building up

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Are you getting headaches and sneezing all the time?

  Drew Denby  |    13 August 2013  |    Choosing a maid service,  |    Sarasota


Crikey, they sound strange. Are they good, being organic or bad, because they are volatile.  The EPA recently produced a report on indoor air and the factors that influence it's quality. We all  look at an industrial landscape and think the air around refineries and chemical plants must be unhealthy. In fact the air released from most chemical and industrial plants is so heavily monitored it's probably better quality air than you have at home. This is what then EPA wanted to investigate and it's still looking into it....... Read more and look out for the shameless bribe near the end..

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Sarasota Maid service feature on Cleaning for a Reason Radio

  Drew Denby  |    16 November 2012  |    Cleaning For A Reason,  |    Sarasota


We are proud to be official partners with the Cleaning for a Reason foundation and were recently asked to feature with the founder of the Organisation on a radio broadcast. We feel that providing free cleaning services to ladies that are battling cancer is a really practical way we can help. Our clients are always telling us how great it is to return  to a clean home so we can only imagine how it must feel returning from therapy knowing the house has been cleaned from top to toe.  Follow this link to hear the broadcast.

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