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Reasons to Stop Using Plastic

  Montanna Lussier  |    02 August 2019  |    recycling,  |    All Natural

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Everyone is becoming more environmentally-friendly nowadays--for a good reason. Less and less plastic is being used, especially when it comes to grocery bags and drinking straws. A lot of stores and restaurants have switched to reusable cotton bags and paper straws that help the environment tremendously. Not only do these products reduce environmental waste, but they also keep ocean life and other animals safe. You may be thinking that reusable products are ideal, but not practical, since plastic is something we've been using since the '70s. However, this is not the case; find out more below.

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Mottainai! What a wonderful phrase

  Joseph Berger  |    05 February 2018  |    recycling



Mottainai is a Japanese word meaning, roughly, "what a waste!" It's oftened used as an exclamation. Buddhist monks often use the expression to teach the importance of respecting what you have, whether it's something simple or sacred. There has been a revival of the expression, notably by Kenyan environmentalist Wangari Maathai. Maathai used the term to push forward her desire to encourage greater reduction of consumption, reusing of that which we already have, recycling of things no longer needed, and repair of things that could once again be useful. Maathai said, "we should all use limited resources effectively and share them fairly if we are to avert wars arising from disputes over natural resources."

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What are the numbers on water bottles?

  Joseph Berger  |    29 January 2018  |    recycling

Chasing Arrows

Have you ever wondered what those numbers on the bottom of your plastic water bottles mean? Well, wonder no more. With approximately 200 billion pounds of plastic being produced per annum, it's good to know a little bit about the plastics that we're surrounded by and consuming from. 

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3 Ideas for Outgrown Children's Clothes

  Joseph Berger  |    15 January 2018  |    house cleaning,  |    recycling

Kids can outgrow their clothing at alarming rates. One day they fit in the corner of your arms, then the next day their sprouting limbs and running all over the place. Inevitably, they're going to go through a few wardrobes. There are many things that you can do with the leftover clothes. For parents with younger siblings or expectations of such, the solution is simple, but eventually, the extras clothes will have to go. Here are our three favorite ideas for what to do with outgrown children's clothes.

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