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House Cleaning Blog

Let's Do Business Expo 2017

  Joseph Berger  |    10 November 2017  |    Choosing a maid service,  |    Dedham

You've Got Maids of Dedham took part in the "Let's Do Business Expo" yesterday at Gillette Stadium in Foxboro. Adrienne Lydon, owner, was joined by her office manager Joan and the two greeted and informed members of the audience of the professional house cleaning services that they offer in Needham, Dedham, and surrounding communities. You've Got Maids offers weekly, bimonthly, monthly, and 1-Time house cleaning services. Adrienne and Joan boast one of the best cleaning operations in New England and they have a sterling reputation. 

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What if my Independent Maid Slips Outside my House? I FAQs

When choosing a cleaning company, how important is workers' compensation insurance? What happens when your independent maids slip and fall outside of your home? It will most likely be a case for the courts. In one case, an independent maid who had served the same family, one morning a week, for 18 years ended up slipping, falling and suing the family.

If this maid had worked for a legitimate company, her employer would have covered her with workers' compensation insurance, insulating the homeowner from risk.

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Cats and Dogs and Shedding - Oh My! I

  Joseph Berger  |    24 July 2017  |    Choosing a maid service

Cats and Dogs and Shedding... Oh, My!
How to Handle the Hair

One of the variables in the cleaning of a house is if the homeowner has pets or not, and if so, what types. And while Americans own many different types of pets, we mostly own cats and dogs - As a result, what we're concerned with is pet hair.  According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, 36.5% of Americans own 1.6 dogs, and 30.4% of us own 2.1 cats. In total, Americans share their homes with approximately 144 million cats and dogs.

Think of the shedding... 


 In our view, you must clean up after your pets on a regular basis, and that means handling the hair. 

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5 Reasons To Hire A Maid Service I An Infographic

  Tony Teolis  |    18 June 2017  |    House Cleaning Tips,  |    Choosing a maid service

5 Reasons to Hire a Maid Service I An Infographic

At You've Got Maids®, "America's Finest Maid Service,"™ we happen to feel that there are many more than five reasons to hire a professional maid service to clean your home. Whether it's a regularly scheduled cleaning, a move out cleaning or a spring cleaning we feel the benefits our customers experience when they hire us to clean their home are many. 

Look for A Nearby Location

For those of you ready to dive in, click the button to the right. 

For everyone else, check out the delightful infographic below for five great reasons to hire "America's Finest Maid Service."™

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Saturday Mornings with Maid Service

  Joseph Berger  |    16 June 2017  |    House Cleaning Tips,  |    Choosing a maid service

If your childhood was like mine, then perhaps Saturday mornings began with a mad dash of my parents corralling my siblings and I into cleaning the house despite our intentions to do anything else. My younger brother could often be found hiding in the car in the garage whereas my method was to hide in the laundry room which conveniently doubled as a food pantry. Eventually, born of our parents mounting frustrations and fearing their increasingly exasperated tones, the work would get done. Then, we would generally scatter about, fearful that some missed chore might get noticed and addressed. The family would go their separate ways until the memory of the ordeal was forgotten or night fell.

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How to teach kids to be green

  Mitch  |    11 April 2017  |    Choosing a maid service,  |    Asheville

With more and more people becoming eco-friendly or "green" it's even more important to teach our kids the importance of being earth friendly, as this is the only planet we have. The main points of being green are reduce, reuse, recycle, and enjoy the earth. Reducing the amount wasted resources like turning off lights, turning off water while brushing can be huge deals if done on a global scale. Reusing items like rechargable batteries or bringing your own bags to grocery store. In stead of throwing away pizza boxes or milk jugs simply putting them in a recycle bin. And finally enjoying what mother nature has given us. Take the family on hike or go camping (remember to leave the camp site how you found it or better). We can't do everything by ourselves, but together we can sure make a difference. Click here to access an article from Kids Health on how to be a green kid, with quizzes and sections for parents as well. Do your part.

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