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How to teach kids to be green

  Mitch  |    11 April 2017  |    Choosing a maid service,  |    Asheville

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With more and more people becoming eco-friendly or "green" it's even more important to teach our kids the importance of being earth friendly, as this is the only planet we have. The main points of being green are reduce, reuse, recycle, and enjoy the earth. Reducing the amount wasted resources like turning off lights, turning off water while brushing can be huge deals if done on a global scale. Reusing items like rechargable batteries or bringing your own bags to grocery store. In stead of throwing away pizza boxes or milk jugs simply putting them in a recycle bin. And finally enjoying what mother nature has given us. Take the family on hike or go camping (remember to leave the camp site how you found it or better). We can't do everything by ourselves, but together we can sure make a difference. Click here to access an article from Kids Health on how to be a green kid, with quizzes and sections for parents as well. Do your part.


You’ve Got MAIDS of Asheville proudly protects our planet

These days a lot of people are talking green. You’ve Got MAIDS® doesn’t just talk about being eco-friendly, we do it! We are proud to implement products and processes that are in the best interest of everyone. Here are just a few examples of what we do every day: use reusable bottles, buckets and bags, purchase supplies in concentrated form, use washable, reusable micro-fiber rags that capture dirt, dust and allergens better than disposable paper towels, use of efficient washing machines to reduce waste and contamination, car pool and work in teams for maximum efficiency, route clients geographically to reduce fuel, communicate via email and phone to reduce paper waste, paperless filing system, carefully train employees to use the correct amount of cleaning solutions, and last but not least, we use safe, effective cleaning products and Green Certified vacuums that promote the air quality to the highest possible level.


We can all be a little greener in our lives. At You've Got Maids of Asheville, we take pride in being an eco-friendly company. Call 828.651.0173 today for your free house cleaning estimate.

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