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Associate Degree in Maid Service Science


Today’s business world demands that successful house cleaning professionals have a comprehensive knowledge of how to clean a home. The associate degree program in maid service science at Maid University is designed to help you gain a fundamental understanding of residential house cleaning. The objective is to develop well-rounded and technically competent graduates through socially relevant course work, options in specific house cleaning specialties, as well as the opportunity to build superior sanitization skills.

Career Opportunities

Our associate degree program in maid service science is an opportunity to gain valuable career experience through a paid internship. Once completed, you earn an Associates Degree in Maid Service Sciences (A.M.S.S.) at your local You’ve Got Maids franchise and you'll earn a raise. A few more advanced classes and you can earn our Bachelor of Clean (B.C.) degree qualifying you for higher compensation and the opportunity to compete for a supervisory position. Beyond that our managers are franchise partner material. At You’ve Got Maids you have the opportunity to one day own your own maid service franchise!

Admission Requirements

  • You must be able to pass a thorough criminal background search.
  • You must be able to pass an illegal drug screening.
  • You must possess a desire to serve others.


Associates Degree Curriculum

YGM 100: Introduction to You’ve Got Maids

Introduction to the You’ve Got Maids culture for students with no previous house cleaning background. Focuses on describing and reasoning about cleaning processes.

Bathrooms 101

Through the study of basic bathroom cleaning concepts, think critically about modern bathroom sanitizing. Consider questions like: What are the sanitary benefits of using microfiber cleaning cloths in bathrooms? Can mildew really be removed from a shower? Prerequisite: YGM 100

Kitchens 102

Covers tools and techniques used to navigate the complexity of professionally cleaning a kitchen. You will discover why you should never take cleaning granite for granted. Prerequisite: Bathrooms 101

Dusting 103

Covers tools and techniques used to reduce the dust, pet dander, & pollen for clients who may have allergies. You will learn dusting philosophy is the opposite of corporate advancement theory…in business most people start at the bottom and work their way to the top. In dusting it is just the opposite, we start at the top and work to the bottom using various tools and dusting strategies. Prerequisite: Kitchen 102

Vacuuming 104

Covers tools and techniques used to properly clean and maintain wood flooring, laminate floors, ceramic/porcelain tile, Terrazzo, carpeting, area rugs, & even vinyl. The motto of this class is don’t tread on me. Prerequisite: Dusting 103