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What if my Independent Maid Slips Outside my House? I FAQs

When choosing a cleaning company, how important is workers' compensation insurance? What happens when your independent maids slip and fall outside of your home? It will most likely be a case for the courts. In one case, an independent maid who had served the same family, one morning a week, for 18 years ended up slipping, falling and suing the family.

If this maid had worked for a legitimate company, her employer would have covered her with workers' compensation insurance, insulating the homeowner from risk.

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Jack Canfield Recommends Maid Services To His Readers

  Frank Berger  |    31 March 2017  |    Choosing a maid service

Jack Canfield author of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series, and The Success Principles writes: “Most female executives spend too much time running their household, when they could easily delegate this task to a cleaning service...freeing themselves to focus on their career or spend more time with their family.”

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Can My Maids Use My Equipment? | Maid Service FAQs

  Frank Berger  |    31 March 2017  |    Choosing a maid service

Can My Maids Use My Equipment (Like My Vacuum Cleaner)? 

Maid Service FAQs

Q:  Can your house cleaners use your vacuum?

A:  It's your call, but in short - of course they can!

If you would prefer that we use your vacuum, simply inform the office manager. It’s our pleasure to customize the work order for your home.

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Columbus Ohio Maid Service Video

  Frank Berger  |    03 November 2015  |    Choosing a maid service,  |    Columbus

Columbus Ohio Maid Service

If you live in or around Columbus and are looking for exceptional house cleaning service check out John & Murph's You've Got MAIDS franchise.

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Ronald McDonald House & You've Got MAIDS Team Pensacola

  Frank Berger  |    04 June 2015  |    Cleaning For A Reason

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Scottsdale House Cleaning Service is Cleaning For A Reason

  Frank Berger  |    18 April 2015  |    Cleaning For A Reason,  |    Scottsdale

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