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Can My Maids Use My Equipment? | Maid Service FAQs

  Frank Berger  |    31 March 2017  |    Choosing a maid service

Can My Maids Use My Equipment (Like My Vacuum Cleaner)? 

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Maid Service FAQs

Q:  Can your house cleaners use your vacuum?

A:  It's your call, but in short - of course they can!

If you would prefer that we use your vacuum, simply inform the office manager. It’s our pleasure to customize the work order for your home.



We have been on thousands of in-home estimates where the homeowner shared that they used to use an under the table maid who used and broke their vacuum. Who do you think it fell on to fix that vacuum? The homeowner.

When these homeowners decided to switch to a professional maid service franchise they loved that at You've Got Maids® we bring our own HEPA filtered vacuums, and all of the other cleaning supplies. We train our maids on how to use our vacuums & how to perform regular maintenance on them.


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