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Should I Tip my Maids?  I  Maid Service FAQs

  Jim Dempsey  |    15 January 2016  |    Choosing a maid service

Should I Tip my Maids?  I  Maid Service FAQs

To Tip or Not to Tip?

A Maid Service FAQ on Gratuity

Should I tip my maids? Well, that depends, are you happy with your service? If the answer is yes, don't hesitate to tip your maids.

Alma & 2 maids

At You've Got Maids, our maids are not minimum wage employees. They earn a Team Share Commission on each happy client, which means they make more money on each job than the local owner. 

Our house cleaners get paid on many different levels.

  1. First, the satisfaction of Wowing their clients.
  2. Second, previously mentioned Team Share.
  3. And third, tips. They love tips! Who wouldn't? A nice tip puts a pep in your maids step.

Your hardworking maids greatly appreciate tips.


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