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Do you Have to be Home when your Maids Come? I Maid Service FAQs

  Jim Dempsey  |    08 January 2016  |    Choosing a maid service


Do you have to be Home when your Maids Come?

Most Maid Service Clients Entrust Us With A Key

Maid Service is a luxury to make your life more carefree! Enjoy your time while we attack the grime!

It's a beautiful, magical thing, to leave a dirty house and come home to a crystal clean palace. That's why most clients entrust You’ve Got Maids® with their key.

When you hire You've Got Maids you can trust them with your Key

Here is how one client left a key with us: 

He told us where it would be hidden and instructed us to keep it for future access to his home. Our keys are encoded with a serial number and stored in a safe. Your name or address is never on the key. We go to extraordinary measures to protect your home.

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