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3 Ideas for Outgrown Children's Clothes

  Joseph Berger  |    15 January 2018  |    house cleaning,  |    recycling

Mother & Child, School.jpg

Kids can outgrow their clothing at alarming rates. One day they fit in the corner of your arms, then the next day their sprouting limbs and running all over the place. Inevitably, they're going to go through a few wardrobes. There are many things that you can do with the leftover clothes. For parents with younger siblings or expectations of such, the solution is simple, but eventually, the extras clothes will have to go. Here are our three favorite ideas for what to do with outgrown children's clothes.

1. Donate to Charity

A charitable donation is always a good idea with excess possessions. Helping young families with tight budgets is a great way for you to spread joy and benefit your community. Many parents rely on these donations. Across the country, Goodwill is an excellent depot for donating old children's clothes. Furthermore, Goodwill will give you a tax credit for your donation. Goodwill also supports great jobs in the community.

2. Repurpose

Sew a quilt! Pick out some of the sturdy items that are going to remind you of adventures you shared with your young child. Sew them together, and you have a classic that's going to warm both the body and the soul every time you use it. By repurposing what we already have, we reduce our waste and make for a more environmentally conscious household.

3. Consignment Store

Consignments store will often pay good money for your better items. Have a child that grew a foot in a month and barely used those nice shoes grandma bought? A consignment store near you might offer you a pretty penny for them. Don't let good clothes go to waste.


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