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Are You Spending the Weekends Scrubbing?

  Drew Denby  |    12 April 2017  |    House Cleaning Tips,  |    Sarasota

 Did you know we have quite the reputation for our One Time 52 Point Extreme Deep Cleaning Service? Our deep clean is so detailed when we have finished, you will feel like you have a new home.

Just imagine how much easier it would be to clean your Sarasota home if it was all new and sparkling clean. No more scrubbing and scouring. Instead of spending the whole day trying to get everything clean you could spend half the time just maintaining that sparkle, that’s gotta be worth the investment.

A quick call to Marion on (941)-979-8462 and we will arrange an in home estimate.

As every home is different we always carry out an in home estimate. When you decide on your 52 point deep clean we know, if you are willing to invest $300-800 on this one time clean, we’ve got to make sure you are amazed at the outcome.

Check out the 52 points and see how many of them you usually have to skip because you just don’t have the time when you do your regular cleaning.

Remember no long term commitments. A one–time 52 point deep clean can get you back on track in time for Spring and all it takes is two simple steps to get things arranged.

Now there’s a tempting offer to encourage you take the first step today.....

STEP 1 Find out what is included: Email us for a complete list of the 52 points at drew@youvegotmaids.com and in the subject line simply put “send me the 52” then see how many of them you skip when you do your regular cleaning

STEP 2 Find out what you’ll invest: Call Marion at (941)-979-8462 and she will arrange a personalized in home estimate to give you a fixed price.

Remember this is like an entire year of cleaning in one shot and there is no long term commitment. Make the call to Marion on 941-979-8462 to schedule your no "arm twisting” FREE Estimate.

FREE BONUS: When you arrange your in home estimate for a 52 point deep clean we will give you a Marion's All Natural Kitchen Cleaning Kit Absolutely free (retail Price $19.99) whether you schedule your clean or not!

Just be one of the first five people to call to receive your FREE GIFT

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