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  Drew Denby  |    22 October 2014  |    Choosing a maid service,  |    Sarasota


Herald-Tribune Article

I really hate when I read these articles because they just give the impression that all cleaners are thieves. It is obviously true that this individual stole from at least one Englewood, FL resident. So here are the top five things you can do to reduce the risk of this sort of thing happening to you or a loved one.

1. Ask to see copies of all their Insurances, Bond and Business tax receipt. Some people will say they are licensed but here's the facts there is no licence for being a cleaner. Just about anyone can decide to be a cleaner. All they need to do is pick a name, buy a bucket and and pay their business tax and they are official. Of course many will not even be that legitimate. Personally I just couldn't trust someone in my home if they were doing it under the table. That just feels wrong. what else will they take a shortcut on, criminal background checks?
2. Are they members of the local chamber of commerce. This is a great way of finding out how professional the company is. Being a member of the local chamber also helps to support the community which every local small business should be proud to do. This is really easy to do. Go on;line toEnglewood Chamber and you can check the business directory. This also show links to the companies web site where you should find out even more information. Also ask at the chamber. They may have personal recommendations which can't be beaten.
3. Ask your friends and neighbors for recommendations. They will usually be only to glad to give you their thoughts. Sometimes they will also be able to tell you their own horror stories with companies that were less than perfect. It's always good to learn from other peoples experiences.
4. Check out the feedback sites. YelpAngie's list, BBB etc. But a small caveat here, some unscrupulous companies will post false negative reviews on their rivals or wildly exaggerated reviews on their own page. So review a few sites and read a few reviews until you get a feel for the company. Sometimes the way they respond to a complaint tells you all you need to know.
5. Call Marion on 941-979-8462  and visit us on  Facebook, let Drew come round and explain how we work, what we do and give you a fixed price for cleaning your home. I promise there will be no arm twisting or pressure to book service.

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