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Alert. Find out how you can stop nasty germs spreading in your home

  Drew Denby  |    08 March 2016  |    Choosing a maid service,  |    Sarasota

Here's a tip for you at home on how to stop coughs and colds spreading through your home.

So I was asked only yesterday why do we have different color cloths. Now there is as short answer to that question but those of you that know me will not be surprised to get the complete answer first.( those of you that just want the short answer, skip to the end of this post for the recap).
Let me start by saying not all microfiber cloths are born equal. Some cloths are slightly more microfibery than others. So the the first thing you should know is that we use commercial grade Microfiber cloths. They have a 300 GSM ( Grams per Sq Meter) rating which means they are designed to trap dirt and particles of goop at the microbe level.

They are also manufactured to withstand up to 400 washes. That's really important when you are cleaning Kitchens and Bathrooms professionally. The cloths that you buy at the grocery store are usually graded somewhere between 175-230 GSM and after only a few washes they seem to loose their microfiberness. I guess what I'm saying is that the grade of the cloth is where we start. and then we move onto the color.

Skimmers . Welcome back.

We use different color cloths to avoid any risk of cross contamination. Here are the details.
Red cloths Bathrooms
Yellow cloths Kitchens
Blue cloths Glass, Mirrors, polished surfaces
Green cloths Hand dusting in Bedrooms and Common areas. But we don't stop there.

Every home has their own pre wrapped bag of Clean cloths so we don't even take cloths from one house to another. We take an empty laundry bag into each home to collect the dirty cloths so we're not dragging them from house to house. I have heard that some services just dump the dirty cloths on your floor while they clean then scoop them up and put them in their caddies when they leave. They then go on to the next house and use those same caddies to put the clean cloths they intend to use to clean your house. Yukk!

To think some companies still use cleaning rags! I guess you could say we take this cleaning thing serious.

Of course the easiest way to avoid nasty germs spreading throughout your home is is by calling Marion at You've Got Maids of Sarasota and ask for an in home estimate. She will arrange a time that is convenient to you for Drew to visit your home. He can explain exactly how our color co-ordinated system works as well as tell you about the cleaning processes we use. He will be able to leave you with a fixed price for what ever you want.

Step 1 Call 941-979-8462 and speak to Marion

Step 2 Agree a time that works for you, for Drew to visit your home and give you a price for cleaning your home

Step 3 Breath a sigh of relief knowing you are free of the burden of home cleaning for ever.

Now doesn't that sound like a good idea?

By Denby Denby Really Direct Marketing LLC©