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6 Steps to Clean Soccer Cleats

  Joseph Berger  |    20 September 2022

Clearly, cleat cleaning is an important part of being the world's best soccer mom or dad. Soccer cleats are going to almost always come home dirty, smelly and so on. Here are a few steps to improve your soccer stars looks, as well the smells.

Just like your home, not every practice or game requires a full 52-Point Spring Clean. Accordingly, the following steps indicate the severity and regularity of need.

Photo by Emilio Garcia on Unsplash

Keeping Cleats Clean

First Step (After Every Practice)

Right after the final whistle blows (and before they load up into the car), have your little Ronaldo or Mia Hamm bang their cleats against each other sole to sole to remove dirt, grass and mud. Use a soft brush, or a finger, to remove the remaining dirt and debris.

Second Step (When More is Needed)

Warm water with a drizzle of liquid laundry detergent is a great mixture to wash away dirt and remove stains. Grab an old washcloth and go to town. 

Third Step

Soak that washcloth in warm water and then rinse the shoes clean.

Fourth Step (When Steps 2 & 3 Leave the Shoes Wet)

Air-dry the cleats at room temperature and pack the cleats with old newspapers to absorb any remaining moisture while maintaining the shape of the cleats.

Fifth Step (When You Want to Go the Extra Mile)

Remove the insoles and laces and wash in the washing machine on cold and delicate cycles. Use a tiny amount of detergent and put them inside a pillowcase.