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Quick Cleaning Tips from You've Got MAIDS South Charlotte

  Mitch  |    03 June 2021  |    House Cleaning Tips,  |    South Charlotte

Cleaning Tips

House cleaning can be hard, time-consuming, and downright dirty. While house cleaning can be all of those things it doesn't have to be. House cleaning is all about preparation and maintenance. Follow a few helpful tips and your house cleaning will become less painful.

  1. Chore List- have a list of items or areas that need to be cleaned daily and check them off as you go. Quick daily cleans will help prevent extensive cleans on the weekend, which equals more free time when it matters the most.
  2. Vacuum and dusting- these should be done every day. It's not necessary to do every room, just rotate through the home.
  3. Clutter- make everyone in the house responsible for putting their things in the correct place every time, this will prevent clutter piles.

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