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Expert Guide to Cleaning Keurig

  Joseph Berger  |    22 September 2022

The crack team at Maid University has put together a short and to the point how-to on keeping your single-serving coffee machine delivering the goodness with cleanliness. Keurigs are a wonder for the coffee fiend who doesn't want to or can't be bothered with brewing a whole pot and want their coffee quickly. It's a must-have, isn't it?


How to clean a Keurig Coffee Maker


Regular use requires regular maintenance and cleaning, pure and simple. You use it, you clean it. 

Regular Keurig Cleaning

After you unplug the machine (safety first), take all of the removable parts apart and clean them with warm soapy water (feel free to go green and use a water/vinegar/lemon juice combo). Wash, then rinse, then leave out to dry. While the parts dry, wipe down the base of the Keurig with a wet sponge and get every nook and cranny.

In a little while, come back, put it all back together and then enjoy your reward- another cup of coffee.

Deep Keurig Cleaning

Just like how our clients occasionally level up for a 52-Point Spring Clean, you will want to go the extra mile every few months. This will be a good time to replace the water filter cartridges.

Using an even mix of water and distilled white vinegar, you'll want to descale your Keurig of any hard buildups. How do you do this? Simply fill up the reservoir with white vinegar and then run it threw. Run all of the vinegar-water mixture through the machine until the reservoir is empty. Give it a little time and then come back and fill the reservoir again, this time just with water, and then run it all through again. This is important for taste, as you might imagine.

Now, it's time to have yet another cup of coffee.