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3 Ideas for Outgrown Children's Clothes

  Joseph Berger  |    15 January 2018  |    house cleaning,  |    recycling

Kids can outgrow their clothing at alarming rates. One day they fit in the corner of your arms, then the next day their sprouting limbs and running all over the place. Inevitably, they're going to go through a few wardrobes. There are many things that you can do with the leftover clothes. For parents with younger siblings or expectations of such, the solution is simple, but eventually, the extras clothes will have to go. Here are our three favorite ideas for what to do with outgrown children's clothes.

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Recycling in 2018

  Joseph Berger  |    08 January 2018  |    house cleaning


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"A Lady In The Neighborhood Cleans Our Home"

  Tony Teolis  |    17 July 2017  |    Chantilly,  |    house cleaning


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Do You Guarantee Your House Cleaners' Work? | Maid Service FAQs

  Joseph Berger  |    07 July 2017  |    house cleaning

You've Got Maids 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Hiring You've Got Maids® is Virtually Risk-Free

Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed at You’ve Got Maids ®. That means we literally guarantee your house cleaners' work. If you are not happy with any area we’ve cleaned, simply call the office that cleaned your home within 24 hours and we will re-clean it free of charge.
This makes hiring You’ve Got Maids ®  virtually risk free. Our maids are thoroughly screened through our rigorous recruitment process, and every one of them goes through our Maid University training process.
Our training never ends, we are always striving to do better for our loyal customers! 


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More Maid Service FAQs

About You've Got Maids®:

Founded by Frank and Cynthia Berger, You've Got Maids® offers residential cleaning services, including a "52-Point Spring Clean," general cleaning, move-in and move-out cleaning, hourly a la carte services, and regular maintenance. Franchisees employ environmentally-friendly practices such as using reusable items, cleaning with micro-fiber cloths and HEPA back-pack vacuums. using efficient washing machines, and carpooling to clients' homes.

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10 Necessities To Throw An Epic Fourth Of July Party

  Tony Teolis  |    27 June 2017  |    house cleaning

Uncle Sam's turning 241 next week. Gas up the grill, get out the party playlist, and stock up on your favorite beverages. Whether you're hosting or not, you need these items to make your 2017 4th of July bash the best one yet.

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July 4th Party Clean-Up

  Joseph Berger  |    24 June 2017  |    house cleaning

Okay, so you've got your 4th of July party all planned and lined up. Your neighbors, family, old friends, new friends, work friends, friends of friends, and so on will all be gathering with you in your home to celebrate the nation's Independence. The music playlist is set, you've got a list of activities ready for the kids, and you know what's on the menu. But what about the house, is the house really ready? 

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