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July 4th Party Clean-Up

  Joseph Berger  |    24 June 2017  |    house cleaning

Okay, so you've got your 4th of July party all planned and lined up. Your neighbors, family, old friends, new friends, work friends, friends of friends, and so on will all be gathering with you in your home to celebrate the nation's Independence. The music playlist is set, you've got a list of activities ready for the kids, and you know what's on the menu. But what about the house, is the house really ready? 

Canva - Happy Family on the Beach

Now maybe you'll have the enthusiasm to get the house all tidy yourself beforehand. Or, perhaps past experiences have you thinking a good night's rest might be better. In that case, it might be high time to give You've Got MAIDS® a call and schedule a thorough 52 Point Spring Clean to get the house ready for the party.

What about afterwards? Obviously things are going to great, everyone is going to beg you to do it again next year, and you're going to have a great time. That being said, the chance of there somehow not being a mess, or people sticking around to help out and clean up are, well, low. Do July-5th-you a favor and schedule maid service from You've Got MAIDS®. You'll be oh-so-proud of yourself for planning ahead.