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Can I Hire Your Maid (Directly)? I Maid Service FAQs

  Jake Dorsey  |    25 May 2009  |    Choosing a maid service

Can I Hire your Maid (directly)?


QUAKERTOWN You've Got MAIDS - Associates - Quakertown - Copy


If you are searching for a full-time domestic maid/housekeeper, please employ You've Got Maids to find the best candidate. You tell us what qualities you require, and we do everything else.

We will interview, do background screening, illegal substance screening, a criminal background check and much more. We have helped many clients find the right housekeeper.

Our referral fee is $2,995.00 or 20% of their first years’ salary, whichever is higher for any present or past You've Got Maids staff member introduced to you by You've Got Maids for any home-related service.

We've invested heavily in attracting, training and retaining quality employees. It would be unfair competition if a client solicited or employed a past or present You’ve Got Maids employee to work for them directly or indirectly in any capacity whatsoever.

Our clients agree that if they break this agreement, they will immediately pay us our referral fee plus any other associated costs, including, but not limited to legal fees.


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