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Will the Same Maids Clean My Home Each Visit? | Maid Service FAQs

  Jim Dempsey  |    26 February 2016  |    Choosing a maid service,  |    Maid Service FAQs

Will the Same Maids Clean my Home each Visit? 

At You've Got Maids® Professionalism Meets Personality Each and Every Visit

Team Leader

What do you get when you hire You've Got Maids® to clean your home? Do you get customer service - yes. That's delivered consistently and on schedule? Yeah, that too. 

Finally, do you get the pristine, freshly-cleaned home you'd been dreaming of when you called us? Of course, you do! After all, we're all about meeting and exceeding expectations. 

When you hire You've Got Maids® however, you are guaranteed you'll get what you expect and more. Seeking to build rapport with your service provider? We understand! Knowing that the act of letting a stranger into your home to clean can be unnerving, our policy is that our cleaners develop a working relationship with their clients if possible. We'll work around you, with you... whatever! If you wonder simply will the same maids clean my home each visit?

Consistency = Customer Comfort

Consistency in our eyes is key. During a recent webinar with a franchise owner who'd only recently joined the You've Got Maids® family and opened his franchise, he posed that same question, repeating the words of a new client he'd recently taken on.

In her email, which he forwarded our way, his customer expressed what we feel is a natural desire to see consistency in the people who clean your home. Letting a stranger into your home isn't easy, so our goal is for you to think of our maids not as strangers, but as allies.

"We loved our first cleaning. The cleaners were so nice when they arrived and when I got home, I was pleased with the job they did," wrote the customer said in her email. "Please don't take this as a slight against any of your other employees but can those same maids clean my home every visit?" 

Many maid services will promise this to earn your business, and while we say (and sincerely so) that we'll do our best in preserving consistency regarding which team of maids comes to your home, we can't promise. What we can do is try... and try hard we will. We will bend over backward if needed!

It is our firm desire that the same maids clean your home each visit and our day-to-day goal is to send you the same house cleaning supervisor every time. We assign a supervisor to your account, and this changes only under extraordinary circumstances.

It's the supervisor's job to keep you happy with the maids' service and ensure that your home is cleaned consistently to your specifications. The turnover amongst our supervisor is exceptionally low.






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About You've Got Maids®:

Founded by Frank and Cynthia Berger, You've Got Maids® offers residential cleaning services, including a "52-Point Spring Clean," general cleaning, move-in and move-out cleaning, hourly a la carte services, and regular maintenance. Franchisees employ environmentally-friendly practices such as using reusable items, cleaning with microfiber cloths and HEPA back-pack vacuums. using efficient washing machines, and carpooling to clients' homes.