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House Cleaning Blog

Label Your Cords

  Wes  |    25 February 2015  |    House Cleaning Tips,  |    Katy

I remember a time when two outlets in a room was all you needed. You could plug in your tv, alarm clock, and a lamp. Maybe a fan too, that's all you needed. Two outlets, four plugs, bam. Then came the VCR, which I'm thinking now was a gateway to electronic mania. Everything has to be plugged in now. I have a minimum of one power strip in each room. And they are full! We are talking about tvs, dvd players, cable boxes, Tivo boxes, phone chargers, alarm clocks, internet modem, etc. Oh, and don't forget lamps. Now we have little scented lamps that have to be plugged in as well!

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Good Housekeeping Cleaning Tips

  Wes  |    23 January 2015  |    House Cleaning Tips,  |    Katy

Check this list out from Good Housekeeping. I know I scrub my sink on a regular basis, especially after preparing and cooking meals. Label me guilty of keeping the shower scrubbie around for too long though! My motto, use it till it wears out, but I may have to adopt this practice of discarding it after a month. It also helps that they are relatively inexpensive. Good Housekeeping always has great ideas. Check the link below for some other great tips!

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