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Label Your Cords

  Wes  |    25 February 2015  |    House Cleaning Tips,  |    Katy

I remember a time when two outlets in a room was all you needed. You could plug in your tv, alarm clock, and a lamp. Maybe a fan too, that's all you needed. Two outlets, four plugs, bam. Then came the VCR, which I'm thinking now was a gateway to electronic mania. Everything has to be plugged in now. I have a minimum of one power strip in each room. And they are full! We are talking about tvs, dvd players, cable boxes, Tivo boxes, phone chargers, alarm clocks, internet modem, etc. Oh, and don't forget lamps. Now we have little scented lamps that have to be plugged in as well!

Before I get too far out on a tangent about power strips and the extreme abundance of things plugged into them, I want to bring you to what prompted me to write this post. Cord labeling. Since I was shown how easy and little effort it takes, I now have labeled cords. Particularly the ones behind the entertainment center and the ones that usually reside under desks. These days, you know how many twisted cords can end up behind your tv stand or entertainment center. PlayStation, Xbox, Blu-ray, surround sound, you get the picture. How many times have been contorted and bent behind your tv, reaching down between the wall and the entertainment center, trying to unplug one of those electronic gadgets? Then realize you unplugged the wrong one?

Now you have to reset a clock, reprogram something, change the settings, or worst of all for some, cut the game off when it wasn't saved. But you can avoid these travesties just by labeling the cord. There are many ways to do this, which you can find out by searching online, but the one that I was shown was simple. Take the little plastic tags that keep your bagels, bread, crackers, etc closed and save them. Then when you need one, just take out the Sharpie, and write the name of the device that you are going to use it on. Snap it on there by the plug, and you are done. Easy. Check out the link below for images of other ways people have come up with to label cords.

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