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You've Got Maids Featured on CBS

  Frank  |    22 December 2014  |    Cleaning For A Reason,  |    Sacramento

Racheal Andrus, local owner of You've Got Maids of Sacramento, was featured for her participation with Cleaning For A Reason. Cleaning For A Reason is a Dallas-based charity that puts well-wishing maid services and cancer patients together. Racheal cleaned this woman's home free of charge to help her through her struggle. Check out this video to see the full report.          CBS News Video

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Cleaning for a Reason in Tyler, TX

  Frank Berger  |    09 October 2013  |    Cleaning For A Reason

Our partners in Tyler, Texas have been featured on the local news in Tyler, Texas for their work with Cleaning For A Reason. Cleaning For A Reason is a charity that You've Got Maids has enthusiastically partnered with. Visit their site and watch the below video to better understand the great things our partners are doing in the community.

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Sarasota Maid service feature on Cleaning for a Reason Radio

  Drew Denby  |    16 November 2012  |    Cleaning For A Reason,  |    Sarasota


We are proud to be official partners with the Cleaning for a Reason foundation and were recently asked to feature with the founder of the Organisation on a radio broadcast. We feel that providing free cleaning services to ladies that are battling cancer is a really practical way we can help. Our clients are always telling us how great it is to return  to a clean home so we can only imagine how it must feel returning from therapy knowing the house has been cleaned from top to toe.  Follow this link to hear the broadcast.

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Rio Grande Valley Maid Service is Partner with Cleaning For A Reason

  Rebecca  |    05 September 2012  |    Cleaning For A Reason,  |    McAllen
"This service is so special and helpful to those of us who are losing heart and hope through no fault of our own. Just looking at my sparkling, dust-free home was enough to make me feel like my old self again."
PW, Akron, OH
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You've Got MAIDS of Charleston on ABC NEWS 4 - CLEANING FOR A REASON

  Frank Berger  |    28 December 2009  |    Cleaning For A Reason

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