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  Frank Berger  |    26 August 2009  |    Choosing a maid service


Alice the housekeeper was too involved with the Brady Bunch. Alice the housekeeper was more than a part of the family; she was the glue that held it all together. When your housekeeper becomes part of your family you lose the professional distance. You become uncomfortable giving criticism. You lose the illusion that you are the boss. Alice's problems become your problems. All of a sudden Sam the butchers problems creep into your home like a bandit in the night. Your house keeper should not be in the center square!

If the Brady Bunch was a reality TV show today it would be totally different, except that Alice would still be in the center square. Mr. Brady would invest an episode on helping Alice through her latest "baby momma drama". Marsha would take over kitchen duties during the next episode because Alice couldn't work with that black eye her unemployed ex-butcher boyfriend Sam gave her for texting with the Monkees lead singer, Davy Jones.

Later in the season there would be the episode where Mr. Brady isn't awarded a big government architecture project when it is discovered that Alice wasn't really an independent contractor…the Brady's owe back taxes and penalties to the IRS (word on the street is Cindy dropped the dime). Then Alice would always be flirting with taking a better paying job, where she wouldn't have to take care of 8 people and a dog. There would be episodes where Alice the housekeeper didn't show up, and when she did show up she would always be late. The final episode would feature Alice falling down those steps and suing the pants of the Brady' with the help of OJ Simpsons legal team. I'm picturing the trial being held in the Brady's back yard, presided over by Judge Lance Ito.

Each one of the Brady Bunch realty TV scenarios could be avoided if the Brady's had hired a professional housekeeping company like You've Got MAIDS. A You've Got MAIDS Client enjoys the center square and deservingly so. Our Clients shouldn't know our housekeepers troubles. We take care of the payroll taxes so our Clients have no worries at tax time. We always show up when scheduled. Lastly, our employees are covered under our Workers Compensation Insurance. Our Clients have no worries.

The Brady Bunch is a fun topic and it goes to prove my point…that the world really does revolve around the professional housekeeping company, You've Got MAIDS. Perhaps we should change the name to You've Got HOUSEKEEPERS.

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