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How to Keep Your Grill Clean and Rust Free

  Jonathan Teall  |    08 April 2019  |    house cleaning,  |    Kitchen

Do I need to scrub my grill?


The short answer is yes, and we're going to show you how to make it as efficient as possible. You're going to want to check out our Ultimate Guide to Naturally Cleaning Your Kitchen after you see how easy this process is. You've probably been scrubbing your grill too often and you don't need to waste your time and effort any longer. Read through our effective process, it's fast and you'll like it. You've got beers to drink, and steaks to grill - lets get you focused on enjoying the fun part as soon as possible.

The Process:

  1. Fire up your grill, the heat will do most of the work for you. When you cook with high heat over a flame, you can be sure that it'll burn off any leftover bits from your last grill session. After about five minutes, get that grill brush out and apply a good bit of pressure - it'll be ready to go after just a few quick seconds of scrubbing.
  2. Oil your grate! If you're cooking something that isn't soaked in an oil based marinade, you really want to oil your grate to prevent the difficult clean up of burnt food. Plus, you won't be happy if those burgers and bratwurst stick to the grill. If there isn't an oil based marinade present, pour some oil on a paper towel and use your tongs to lightly oil the grate. You want to avoid using so much that the oil will drip, that will cause a flare up.
  3. Use your grill as regularly as you can when it's hot outside. It builds up a protective layer of oil and grease on the inside after longterm use that helps with heat retention. You'll also save money on your AC costs in the summertime if you avoid using your oven and stovetop as much. They won't be heating up your kitchen's environment, so your AC doesn't have to work overtime. You'll save yourself the effort of having to clean up splattered grease and cleaning related messes, and you get to enjoy every minute of that time in the outdoors instead. That's a winning solution.


Aftercare for your grill

  1. Don't scrub down your grill after you're done using it. This might seem counterproductive, but trust me; it won't save you any time. This protective coating of burnt on fat and grease actually protects your grill in between uses. You don't want it to rust, and that grill cover only does so much. Just leave it alone and it'll do the work for you.
  2. Charcoal users, make sure to remove the burnt down ash as soon as possible. Storing your grill outside allows even the trace bit of moisture to begin to turn that ash into mold, which ends up leaving your charcoal grill full of a cement like paste that isn't any fun to get rid of.

Final step:

Purchase a grill cover that properly fits your grill. This step will add years of life onto the longevity of your grill. If you store it outside without a cover, like we've all done at one point or another, it'll be eaten alive by all that rust. You'll notice that rust will eat through your metal grill at an alarming rate, especially if you have a gas grill.

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