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Will Your Maids Wash the Windows? | Maid Service FAQs

  Jake Dorsey  |    31 March 2017  |    Choosing a maid service,  |    house cleaning

When you hireYou've Got Maids®.  the Answer is a resounding yes!




We window wash your front door, French doors and any sliding glass doors in your house - these are covered any and every time we clean. The only time we won't cleaning a sliding door is if it's raining out OR there is a big dog on the other side!

We are insured to hand wash the interior of windows that we can reach. For safety reasons, our maids are not allowed to wash the exterior window panes as that would push us into a different workers compensation insurance category. Regarding all the other windows, homeowners can request appraisals from their cleaning crew (our rates average between $4 and $7 per window. 

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About You've Got Maids®:

Founded by Frank and Cynthia Berger, You've Got Maids® offers residential cleaning services, including a "52-Point Spring Clean," general cleaning, move-in and move-out cleaning, hourly a la carte services, and regular maintenance. Franchisees employ environmentally-friendly practices such as using reusable items, cleaning with microfiber cloths and HEPA back-pack vacuums. using efficient washing machines, and carpooling to clients' homes.