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Does Your Maid Need Workers Compensation Insurance? | FAQs

Does Your Maid Need Workers Compensation Insurance?

Slip and Fall - Workers Compensation Insurance

Yes, But...

If you've ever hired an independent contractor such as a maid service to work at your home, did you think to consider what happens if there is an accident? If a contractor you hire takes a fall in your home are you liable? What's the difference between hiring an independent contractor and hiring an established firm such as You've Got Maids® with respect to that liability?

These important questions can all be answered by You've Got Maids®.

Hiring Independent Contractors Breeds "Mayhem"

Allstate Insurance does a great job pointing out the peril a homeowner places themselves by hiring Mayhem the under the table Craigslist Cleaner. 

Your homeowners' insurance will not cover this fall (see video below). 


Hiring a Licensed, Bonded Maid Service

With You've Got Maids®, our Customers have no worries. All of our maids are our employees and covered under our Workers' Compensation Insurance.

You've Got Maids® insulates our Clients from risk.


Learn More about Workers' Comp.:

About You've Got Maids®:

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