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  Frank Berger  |    27 August 2009  |    Choosing a maid service


Photo: ♥serendipity

Assume the best in people, and reap the reward. When you assume the best of an employee, associate, or Home Cleaning Client, you may just fish your wish. You may get the result you truly want. Whether you are wrong or right in your assumption often has little to do with your outcome.

If this is true, our lives are less affected by what happens to us, and more influenced by our reactions. By implementing a positive, see the best in people outlook, each one of us ignites tiny chain reactions of positive vibrations. Where they will spread may be further than we initially hoped or imagined.

Tom Hanks claims he is not a cynical person. He assumes the best of everybody until he is proven. I like Hanks philosophy, but it is not entirely evolved. Ronald Reagan boiled it down to…Trust, but verify.

Assume a Best-Case Scenario, while keeping your eyes open. By assuming the best in someone, you minimize defensiveness in that person. It’s also a more enjoyable way to pass through life.

  • Home Cleaning Service Clients assume the best of your maid service.
  • Maid Services, assume the best of your maids and Home Cleaning Service Clients.



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