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10 Ways to Save Your Money

  Montanna Lussier  |    14 August 2019  |    home life,  |    Free,  |    save

Effective Tips for Spending Less Money

We've all been there: a really nice 40% off sign in our favorite store window, a coupon book in the mail, a good BOGO deal at the local grocery store. Small marketing gimmicks draw us in to spend more money than we would have in the first place, just because we think we're spending less money. It's not about spending money; it's about saving it. Here are a few ways you can truly save your money.

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10 Ways to Save Money

1. DIY everything.

Making things yourself can save you loads of money. From cleaning supplies to makeup, you can easily replicate store-bought, everyday items for much cheaper than if you bought them. The advantage to creating things yourself is that you know exactly what's going into them; your cleaning supplies will be chemical-free, and your makeup will be all-natural.

2. Have a yard sale.

This is such an easy way to make money while simultaneously getting rid of things you don't need. When you get a visual representation of how much junk you have in your house, it'll help you realize what you don't need to spend your money on, like a third lawnmower or two mini fridges. Use the money you make from this sale to buy things that will help you in the long run, such as a piggy bank to store your savings in.

3. Make each purchase an investment.

The things you put out for your yard sale were items you did not need, making them useless purchases. Any time you want to buy something, determine whether or not you truly need it. Will it last a long time, or will it go out of style or break in a week? Is it practical, or do you just like the way it looks? Ask yourself these important questions, and ensure that each purchase you make is for a purpose.

4. Buy used, not new.

This is my favorite tip. I personally love thrift shopping, as I get the majority of my clothes from Goodwill. Buying used items, whether it's clothing or a vacuum, can save you tons of money. A lot of times, you can luck out and find a brand new object at a thrift store, which only further shows how much better it is to buy used. Obviously, this tip doesn't apply to everything. There are some things you just shouldn't buy used, like personal undergarments or makeup products. This is how diseases can be spread, so make sure the items you're buying used are safe to purchase, like clothing or appliances.

5. Cancel unnecessary subscriptions.

Do you really go to the gym every week? Probably not. The $200/month gym membership you're paying for is not benefitting anyone, especially not your wallet. Stop paying for subscriptions you don't use or need. People Magazine publishes articles online on free news websites, so you don't have to pay $40 a year to read something that could just as easily be free. Unless you truly need a certain subscription, get rid of it.

6. Grow your own food and make your own meals.

Although this requires time and work, it can save you a great amount of money. Starting your own garden allows you to have your own little grocery store in your backyard, and it also encourages you to eat healthier. Making your own meals from your own homegrown food reduces the amount of money you spend at the grocery store, and it saves you hundreds of dollars from eating out.

7. Utilize public transportation.

This may not apply to everyone, as it may not be practical for you to use public transportation. However, if your city provides you with free buses or trains, then use them. Stop wasting gas money to go all the way across town to work each morning. Take the bus instead. One of the greatest modes of public transportation is walking. Instead of driving a mile to your local grocery store, try walking or biking. Not only are you saving money, but you're also getting exercise (which you need if you cancelled that gym membership).

8. Put half of your paycheck in the bank.

You have to be very self-disciplined and honest with yourself for this tip to work. As soon as you get your paycheck from work, go directly to the bank and deposit half of it into your savings account. If you genuinely believe that half of your paycheck isn't enough to live off of, then just make sure you deposit at least 20% of the paycheck. You'll thank yourself a couple months down the road when you've saved up enough money to comfortably go on a weekend getaway. Make sure you're using the remaining 50% on necessities like groceries and gas (if you really don't want to walk to work), instead of desires.

9. Start going to your local library.

Libraries are incredibly underrated and free! A library card costs nothing to own, and it gives you access to thousands of books, movies, and CDs that can give you unlimited knowledge. You can also develop new hobbies, such as reading and learning a new language. Checking out movies from the library can easily save you $20 by allowing you to watch movies at home, instead of going to the theater and spending $30 on your ticket and popcorn. Invite your friends over, put on your free movie, and relax while knowing that you're saving your money.

10. Spend less!

This is the most obvious one, yet people have the hardest time grasping this concept. The most basic way to save your money is to simply spend less of it. Instead of buying an entirely new wardrobe, stick to basic pieces that you can mix and match. Instead of eating out every week, make your own meals at home. Instead of going on a shopping spree, put that money towards a further education or a vacation. Start saving, not spending.

Remembering and implementing all of these tips can be very taxing, but the payoff is worth it. The one thing you may want to splurge on is making sure that you have a clean home. You've Got Maids is a great way to get a clean house that makes you happy to be home, which boosts the excitement for your movie parties! All you have to do is click the button below to get your free (our new favorite word) estimate today.