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YGM Lawns: Mow. Trim. Blow.

  admin  |    10 May 2013  |    Choosing a maid service,  |    Howard

At You've Got MAIDS we don't just stop at house and carpet cleaning. Franchise Owner, Troy Drake, has a passion for mowing lawns. If someone doesn't have time to clean, chances are they don't have time to mow either. By offering both, YGM provides clients with a convenient and affordable choice to have each need met by one trusted, reliable company. We employ Ex-mark Lazer Z's to do the cutting, equipped with lawn stripers to give the lawn that beautiful striping pattern on each cut. Service also includes trimming/edging and blowing. We provide a nice sharp edge around sidewalks and curbs, and trimming around the home's perimeter and grass adjacent obstacles within turf areas. Driveways and walkways are blown clear of grass clipping and debris, ensuring the continual neat appearance of the property.

This season all clients who sign up for weekly (every 7-10 days) service get 50% OFF their first and last cut! Clients who sign up for bi-weekly service (every 14-17 days) receive 25% OFF. Give Troy a call for a ballpark or on-site estimate for your lawn. Early pay discounts also available (10% - 15% OFF)!

PRICING: Lawn Maintenance – Includes a weekly (every 7-10 days) program of Mowing, Trimming (weed whacking) & Blowing. Every other week service (every 14 days) also available:

.25 acre = $25-$40 .5 acre = $40-$60 1 acre = $50-$70 ($15-$20 for each additional acre)

(Prices may be adjusted based on the difficulty of the cutting terrain)

E-mail or Call Troy: howard@youvegotmaids.com or 443.266.7472