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You've Got Maids tips for around the house

  Mitch  |    09 March 2015  |    House Cleaning Tips,  |    Pensacola

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When it comes to cleaning around the house, we all have our own routines and cleaning tips. At You've Got Maids of Pensacola, we have a few tips and tricks to use around the house next time you clean. Cleaning to some can be a dreaded chore but with some assistance can be a little less painful. Please add your tips and tricks for house cleaning as well.

  • Cleanup bin - the biggest time killer when cleaning up is running around from room to room bringing items to their correct place. Instead use a laundry basket or box to collect things and when full bring them to the correct place.
  • Toys - next time the kids are playing, throw a sheet down so when they are done you can pick up all toys at once and dump then in toy box.
  • Towels - towels can be used more than once after bathing but not more than 3 times. They also need to be washed in hot water to kill bacteria, don't add more detergent than the recommended amount as this will not rinse properly and stay in the towels.
  • Jeans - to protect other clothing when washing with jeans, turn them inside out and zip and button to prevent snagging on other clothes.

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