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You've Got MAIDS House Cleaning and Kids

  Mitch  |    08 July 2015  |    House Cleaning Tips,  |    Fairfax

House cleaning is hard enough without adding kids to the mix. It doesn't have to be harder it can actually be easier as you now have extra team members. It all begins with the childs understanding of their particular role regarding house cleaning. Listed below are tips to getting the kids involved.

  • Chore list - let the child know exactly what is expected of them and make them accountable if the task isn't completed.
  • Reward - Have rewards for a job well done gives the child more incentive.
  • Fun - make cleaning more fun by incorperating games and competition with tasks.
  • Mix it Up - change the chore list each week to prevent boredom.

Kids may never like or love to clean, but this can be a great way to teach responsibilty for their actions. If you don't have kids or the kids are grown then call 703-352-6243 and You've Got MAIDS Fairfax will handle all your house cleaning and give you your much needed free time. Call today for a free estimate.

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