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Wash Your Kitchen Sponge for a Healthier Clean in Issaquah

  Kelly  |    09 September 2014  |    House Cleaning Tips,  |    Issaquah


When is comes to a good clean it's not just how you clean, but what you clean with.  Most of us use a sponge for our kitchen cleaning.  But many people don't know the germs and bacteria that can grow in unwashed sponges.

Sponges essentially clean themselves right?  Wrong!  Think about it this way:  You use a bath towel to dry off after getting clean with soap and water.  Would you use that same towel without ever washing it?  No.  So why don't we think to clean our sponges?

Here is a simple, effective way to clean those kitchen sponges so you aren't spreading around germs.

Microwave the Germs Away

(not for sponges containing plastic or metal)

1. Wet sponge thoroughly

2. Place wet sponge on a plate in the microwave

3. Microwave for 2 minutes

This method should kill 99% of bacteria.

For daily maintenance: Remove all food and particles from sponge, rinse and wring out, and sit in dry place to let it dry thoroughly.

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