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Using dish soap for everyday cleans

  Mitch  |    16 September 2014  |    House Cleaning Tips,  |    Orlando

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Dish soap can be a a perfect subsitute for cleaning around the house. It is also a more gentle alternative to harsh cleaners you are currently using. I have listed a few areas or items you can clean in your home using dish soap. Feel free to add your own dish soap uses to this list.

  • Clothing - greasy stains can be treated by dabbing some dish soap and water to stain prior to its next wash.
  • Flooring - with a couple tablespoons of dish soap and warm water in a bucket tile/vinyl floors can be cleaned to perfection
  • Patio furniture - with a mixture of dish soap and water wipe down built up grime and spray down with hose.
  • Kitchen cabinets - a little soap and water in a spray bottle can help with greasy grime build up.

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