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Don't toss out stained clothes until you've tried these remedies

  Mitch  |    04 September 2014  |    House Cleaning Tips,  |    Orlando


If you have ever had a favorite shirt ruined by underarm stains or ugly scuff on your patent leather heels, you have to check out these tips for correcting the error before you toss the item.

  1. Underarm stain - your favorite shirt can be salvaged with some lemons or baking soda. Use a mixture or lemon juice and water to rub on stain and rinse before washing, if stain is persistent then use a paste of baking soda and water to emove those tougher stains.
  2. Water stained leather boots - use a soft bristled tooth brush and vinegar to restore the look of the leather.
  3. Patent leather heels - scuff marks look terrible, simply use a cotton ball and petroleum jelly to fix
  4. Stuck zipper - petroleum jelly can also fix this issue.
  5. Red wine stain - combat the stain with white wine, pretreat the stain with white wine before laundering.
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