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The Hidden Matters of an Untreated Mattress

  Chris and Ryan Belgrave  |    10 November 2014  |    Choosing a maid service,  |    Virginia Beach

What’s on your mattress?

I love watching #TGIT on ABC every Thursday night and my life time shows on weekends. Where do I do most of my television watching? In my bed of course! Snuggled up, cozy with my Boo and a couple of snacks. I have been doing this all year long. And so it comes, the end of the year, time for our quarterly mattress cleaning.  
Did you know while you are sleeping millions of your dead body cells find their way into your mattress. Along with plenty of hair, bodily secretions, food, fungi, dust, allergens, germs, bacteria, and whatever else finds its way onto your mattress. Mattresses are a safe haven for dust mites and worse, bed bugs. Over time you may also notice an odor, this is from a combination of all the previously listed items and sweat, food and if you lay in bed with work clothing.
We are a professional maid service cleaning company that provides mattress cleaning. Let the caring teams at You've Got Maids of Virginia Beach come in and give all your mattresses a good steam cleaning. Our steam cleaning will not leave your mattresses wet and moist unless you have stains, then that will require a deeper cleaning. A deeper cleaning will leave those spots that were heavily soiled damp but will dry in a couple of hours. Give us a call today 757.932.5326 or visit us at VA.YouveGotMaids.com.