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St. Patricks Days Carpet Cleaning Tips

  Fernando Gutierrez  |    10 March 2015  |    House Cleaning Tips,  |    Sherman Oaks

Green clothes, green flowers, green shamrocks, and green beer, yes, it’s Saint Patrick’s Day 2012. Wikipedia says that Saint Patrick’s Day is the most celebrated saint’s day on the calendar. I would guess they ruled out that other saint, Saint Nicholas, though associated with the Christmas holiday doesn’t actually get a day just for him. I like to look up information on holidays as they get close. I usually find out that I don’t know as much about the holiday as I thought. Did you know that they celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day in parts of Japan now?

Here’s another fun fact about Saint Patrick’s Day. The original color of the holiday wasn’t green but blue. The green part came because Saint Patrick often used the shamrock to explain the concept of trinity to his followers. Many people like to get out to a Irish pub on Saint Patrick’s Day for the full flavor of the holiday. However, those of us with jobs, kids, and responsibility the next day may choose a home-styled holiday with a few close friends.

You have the chips, dips, and the beer ready for coloring. Here’s a holiday tip that I’ll provide free of charge. If you start with a yellow, pale ale and add green food coloring, it will take a lot of green coloring to get a rich, green beer. You will also find that the beer turns your teeth green. Should you happen to spill that green beer on the carpet, it will take a lot of time and maybe green money to get it clean. Blue and yellow make green. Add blue food coloring to your yellow beer. It will take a lot less food coloring and will give you a nice green beer.

Now, why would I know how to make green beer? I’m not a cook or a bartender. Actually, I know about green beer because I provide carpet cleaning in Los Angeles, CA. What does one do when the green beer spills on the carpet? First, let me give you some good news. If you used blue as recommended, you will have a far easier time of cleaning just because you have less food coloring. I have even more good news. Food coloring breaks down easily in acidic liquids. Beer is acidic on the pH scale. The beer starts the cleaning for you even though it can leave a sour smell behind.

Blot up the spill with clean white rags. Don’t scrub. The beer should break down the dye. If not, use a little vinegar, lemon juice, or more beer to break the dye. Most of the color should have come out by now. The article recommends a wet spotter. If you haven’t made up a wet spotter in advance, then just use a mild soap in warm water.

It’s important to get the stain out while its still wet. If it didn’t all come out, cover it with a absorbent like borax or baking soda. Put a plastic sheet over the spill and weigh it down with a book. You can check it again in the morning. It will probably go away with the absorbent. If not, make the wet spotter and have another go. It should come out. If not, contact a professional carpet cleaner before your carpet is damaged.

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