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Spring Cleaning Tips From You've Got Maids of Lakeland

  Mitch  |    26 February 2015  |    House Cleaning Tips,  |    Lakeland

With Spring just around the corner (hopefully), it's time to start getting ready for a good house cleaning. I know you are all just ready to get out of the house and enjoy the beautiful spring weather that will soon be upon us., but now is the time while we are still stuck indoors to get the house in order.

 I have laid out a few helpful tips that will make your transition into spring that much easier.

  • Closets-we all have things in our closets that we don't use or wear. It's time to get those out and make room for new items.
  • Refrigerator-we should be doing this about 4 times a year where we empty out entire fridge and wipe down drawers and shelves, and of course toss out expired food.
  • Windows/blinds-while we may be wiping these down weekly, this is the time of year to really clean these good. Wiping each blind by hand and each window on inside and out(if possible).
  • Filters- if you suffer from any type of respiratory ailments, replacing air filters regularly is a key to breathing healthier air.

While these are just a few areas to get started on, getting them done now will only make your spring clean easier. If you still need house cleaning assistance call the pro's at You've Got Maids of Lakeland today @ 863-940-2063 and ask for your free house cleaning estimate.

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