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Spring Cleaning Inside and Outside

  Mitch  |    19 May 2015  |    House Cleaning Tips,  |    North Palm Beach

When house cleaning we need not forget the outdoor spaces of our homes. This time of year we tend to spend more time outdoors than in.

  1. Grill - The life blood of outdoor cookouts. This is a necessity for any good backyard barbeque and it needs to be good and clean so we don't gross our family and friends out.
  2. Furniture - Noboby wants to sit on dirty furniture and ruin their clothes, so wash off all dirt and debris prior to anyone coming over.
  3. Lawn - Nothing makes your yard look worse than over grown grass and bushes. Make your outdoor space beautiful and inviting with regular lawn care.

For all you indoor house cleaning needs call 561-440-6243 and You've Got MAIDS North Palm Beach will handle the inside while you handle the outside. Call for your free estimate today.

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