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3 Pins about Sibling Symbiosis

  Joseph Berger  |    14 February 2018  |    home life

Siblings can be tough on one another, and managing the relationships between can be fraught with difficulties. Parents have been trying to figure out how to resolve these sort of disputes since antiquity. From ancient philosophers to modern moms, the best minds have pondered on how to keep the home peacful and enjoyable. 

Here's a few ideas that we picked up from Pinterest. Add them to your arsenal for the next time we have a ruckus on our hands.

4 Steps from Sheila

Sheila Gregoire, writer and blogger, posted a great article about how she deals with her sibling rivalries. Learn from her the "Peace Process" and 4-Steps that teach your kids how to deal with the issue. 

The Get Along Jar

The get along jar is a great idea from mom Shannon on her blog "Joy in the Works". All it takes is a jar, jar labels, craft stick, and a thin sharpie. Put it all together and you got yourself a get along jar. Shannon explains the arrangement and the different actions that lead to money going into the jar and money coming out.

Encourage a Strong Sibling Relationship

This one is from Kim, mother, homeshchooler, and blogger on "Not Consumed". Kim talks about building family unity with shared activities, encouraging teachable moments, building each other up, and otherwise supporting each other. Definitely worth a read!



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