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Pre-Thanksgiving Cleaning Plan

  Fernando Gutierrez  |    23 November 2015  |    House Cleaning Tips,  |    Sherman Oaks

Thanksgiving will be here before you know it, the first event in a long marathon of holiday parties, visitors (both expected and unexpected!), entertaining, cooking and much, much more. If you’re hosting Thanksgiving dinner with family and friends, you’ve probably already thought about how much cleaning you must get done. But we’re here to help – and to tell you it’s not as daunting as it seems!

Follow our Thanksgiving holiday cleaning plan and tips, spread it out over time and your home will be spic and span, spotless and shiny come Thanksgiving Day.

Start with high traffic areas like the living and dining room, bathrooms and kitchen. Chances are your guests won’t want to check out all of your bedrooms, but they will want to sit and relax in the living room.

We begin our Thanksgiving cleaning by going through each high traffic room and methodically de-cluttering. If it doesn’t belong in the room, put it in its rightful place. You can start de-cluttering as early as a month in advance, just be careful not to let the areas get cluttered as time goes on.

Of course, deep carpet cleaning is an essential part of our holiday cleaning, and this is another activity you can do as much as a month in advance. We like to use a carpet cleaning formula containing a Scotchgard™ protector, to protect against future stains that the Thanksgiving celebration may bring.

Cleaning upholstery and the stairs are common areas that guests may visit but are frequently overlooked. Luckily, when you rent the Big Green Deep Carpet Cleaning Machine®, you can use the attachment hose and stain tool to tackle those areas. Just want to touch up the couch where guests will relax? Try renting the Little Green® Pro Portable Deep Cleaner, which is easy to use for upholstery, rugs and stairs.

Next, with about a week to go to Thanksgiving, we give our bathrooms a nice deep clean, making sure they are well-stocked with soap and toilet paper for guests. Close the medicine cabinet, put away all your everyday toiletries in a cabinet and close the shower curtain.

As close as possible to the holiday, we dust our home, vacuum and then mop and wash the floor. We also tackle our kitchen, the area that needs to be the most organized, since guests tend to congregate there. We wipe down our counters, clean appliances, wash all dishes and put them away and give a once-over to make sure all non-essential items are put away where they belong.

If you’re feeling extra organized and have the time, set the table in advance (this is a great activity kids can help with!). If you have a dedicated buffet area, set out your platters and put sticky notes on them designating which dish will go where. This makes setting out the meal a breeze when it’s all ready!

For those of you that love checking an item off a to-do list, here’s our essential cleaning tasks in a list:

  • De-clutter high traffic areas
  • Vacuum
  • Deep carpet clean
  • Deep clean upholstery
  • Clean bathroom and stock up with soap and toilet paper
  • Dust
  • Mop and wash the floor
  • Clear and wash counters
  • Clean kitchen appliances
  • Wash all dishes

Now that you’ve completed all your pre-Thanksgiving cleaning, check back for our tips on how to clean up after the big day! And in the meantime, we want to hear: what is your must-complete cleaning activity to prep for the holidays?

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