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Move In with You've Got Maids™

  Joseph Berger  |    17 January 2019  |    house cleaning

Moving can be stressful. A 2014 BBC article noted moving as one of the most stressful events in life. One of the studies they referenced recommended not coupling moving with other life events if possible. Unfortunately, moving often comes in hand with other life events, and it can add to the stress.

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Why is it stressful? A Refinery29 article pointed out how pretty much anytime there's change, there's stress. Personally, I find change very stressful. Just changing my hairstyle can be stressful let alone moving my whole home. The Refinery29 article referenced got some really good advice from a Dr. Amsellam. Dr. Amsellam's advice is essentially finding a way to embrace the change.

"If you’re moving out of your neighborhood, make the time to have a farewell dinner at your favorite place," Dr. Amsellem says. "Maybe have a farewell dinner at your place with your roommate just to give a bit of closure to that time in your life together, so that your last time there isn’t just you frantically shoving things into a box."

Between the ages of 18 and 28, I moved once a year. From dorm changes to city changes, life took me from one place to the next. The worst part of each move was the clean up. You're exhausted from loading everything up and then guess what, time to clean. Clean, that act I don't like doing when I'm rested or, you know, ever. When you're renting, there's a chance you might lose out on some deposit money if you don't clean. The standards for that clean are often to somehow clean the place so that it's brighter and shinier than when you moved in (how, I ask?). With tight timelines being a reality of cleaning, this clean often ends up happening late at night after a tough day. For help on move out cleanings and how You've Got Maids can help you, click HERE.

Then, you move into the new place. It's exciting. You get everything the way you're certain that you want it (which will change in a few weeks) and then you sit down to marvel at it all. But, it's not clean. You've brought a lot of dirt with you. Movers have been walking in and out from the dreaded outdoors. Cardboard boxes disintegrated instantaneously upon arrival. Bits of tape are stuck to everything. It's time to clean, again. Move in cleaning, the final act or the final straw.

Don't do it to yourself. Life is truly too short. Hire You've Got Maids. We provide move in house cleaning service. We're an expert move in cleaning company and we've been doing it since 2005. Here's what we'll do, we'll bring in our professional house cleaners who are vetted, tested, trained, uniformed, and led by an on-site supervisor to clean up your new house. You've got a new life to be living, so leave the cleaning to us. For more information on how it works and what we clean, click the link below. Good luck on your upcoming move. You can do it!