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KonMari: 5 Tips to Improve Your Home Today

  Joseph Berger  |    30 January 2019  |    home life

hanginglaundryMarie Kondo

Netflix recently released "Tidying Up with Marie Kondo" to great acclaim. According to CNN, the show's release coincided with a huge upswing in donations to thrift stores as Americans began dumping out their closets. Marie Kondo is the inventor of the KonMari Method, a system of organizing one's home to bring joy to it. Her books on the KonMari Method have had sold millions of copies in the past few years. 

Kondo cites a revelation from grade school as the inspiration for her methods. Kondo spent five years working at a Shinto shrine before earning a degree from Tokyo Woman's Christian University. A little understanding of the Shinto religion explains much about Marie Kondo and the KonMari method. Shinto is an ancient Japanese religion that has been described as more of a ritualistic aspect of Japanese life with some spiritual components rather than what we may consider a traditional religion. A part of Shinto is to appreciate objects for their utility to the home. A fork isn't just a thing with prongs, it's an object that aids you on a regular basis to nourish the body. As such, you respect the fork and should therefore treat the fork appropriately. You should wash it, put it away in the right place, and so on. It should be mentioned that this is an outsiders view of Shinto.

5 Tips from KonMari

  1. Do all of the tidying at once!
  2. Keep those objects that bring joy.
  3. Discard those things that do not bring joy before cleaning up.
  4. Tidy in the right order (clothes, books, papers, and then Komono).
  5. Work towards a visualized end.


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