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Keeping a clean and neat refrigerator.

  Mitch  |    08 August 2014  |    House Cleaning Tips,  |    New Bern


Keeping a clean and neat refrigerator can be done with just a few simple tricks and tips.

Maximizing shelf space

  1. Square containers - these are easy to stack and take up less space than round ones
  2. Leftover - either eat them or get rid of them immediately

Preemptive Cleaning

  1. Bins - line them with paper towels to collects drips and spill for easier cleanup
  2. Messes - use a damp sponge and baking soda to get sticky stuck on messes.

Store food to last

  1. Meats - double bag to prevent contamination from spills and leaks
  2. Freezing - freeze larger items like milk which can be frozen for months and thawed in fridge when needed.

With these few helpful tips, your fridge should be safer, cleaner, and more organized. At You've Got Maids of New Bern cleaning and organizing your refrigerator is part of our 52 point deep clean, along with the rest of your house cleaning needs. Call 252-636-5151 today for a free estimate.

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