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Is your Messy Home Office Clouding your Productivity and Creativity?

  Chris and Ryan Belgrave  |    06 January 2015  |    House Cleaning Tips,  |    Virginia Beach

Have you been putting off cleaning your home office? Is your messy home office killing your creative spirit? Well, we have some easy ways for you to tidy up your home office and get those creative juices flowing again.

1) First thing to always remember everything has its place (a place where it’s reachable, a neat tidy place around your desk and not in the way when performing task)
A. Put away all writing instruments, paper work, letters, sticky notes (file away or transfer notes unto your desktops running note .doc)
B. Any extra clothing, return them to your closet/drawer or neatly hung behind your office door.
C. Extra chairs furniture in your office remove (sell, move to garage for charity or trash).
2) Ok, now that we've place everything in its proper place. Let the cleaning begin!
A. Start with the high dusting all around the room, (vents, top of doors, ledges, window sills and sashes) don’t forget behind the desk, book shelves and other furniture.
B. Dust horizontal surfaces (desks, counters, shelves and filing cabinets), this is where the microfiber cleaning cloths come in.
C. Clean and disinfect all items (keyboards computers, telephones calculators, etc… thoroughly using a disinfectant spray or wipe (Never spray directly unto anything electronic).
D. Empty trash receptacles, clean out as necessary.
E. Last but not lease and as just as important as the rest of the cleaning, the floors! First sweep or vacuum from edge to edge and from corner to corner. If you have carpet, the same process applies. If you have carpet have it cleaned every 6 months or as needed. Don’t forget to dust and vacuum any mats or rugs. Damp mop all hard surface floors, preferably steam mop to disinfect.

In conclusion a clean and neat office will allow you to do more, be more creative and be more successful in all that your do. There will be less distractions and clear vision. This equals a clean and less distracted mind.

You've Got Maids of Virginia Beach can help with all your office cleaning needs. We know you’re very busy and have important things to do. To help alleviate this daunting task just give Ryan a call at 757.932.5326 or contact us on the web at VA.YouveGotMaids.com for all your cleaning needs.