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I’m probably better off hiring an independent cleaning lady aren’t I?

  Marion Denby  |    24 May 2016  |    Choosing a maid service,  |    Bradenton

Hiring an independent is definitely one option you could consider. But here’s the thing, when you hire a professional maid service like You’ve Got MAIDS you get so much more. We take full responsibility for the state, and federal taxes and we deal with the unemployment taxes too. All our Maids are fully covered by our Workers Compensation Insurance so if they should trip, slip or fall whilst in your home you don’t need to worry about trying to deal with a claim on your own homeowner’s policy. Also you don’t need to worry about any break in service while the injury heals or what not. We have fully trained staff on hand that can step in so your home can remain clean and sparkly.  We also run a drug-free workplace with a documented random drug testing program in place.

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We carry $1,000,000 General Liability Insurance so if anything should get damaged or broken, (thankfully a very rare occurrence), you can be confident it will be dealt with quickly and with no fuss or disruption for you. Also we are your point of contact for any special requests or issues you want to discuss.

We manage the maids for you. This means you don’t need to worry about having any awkward talks with an under-performing  cleaning lady.


Taking all this into account it’s maybe obvious why an independent cleaning lady may be cheaper. Remember though that they can only be in one place at time so they are sometimes less reliable. They often call upon casual labor or family members if they get busy. There may not even be enough time to train them properly or check references before they are working in your home. It is unlikely that they would carry out thorough criminal background checks or drug and alcohol tests on this type of employee. They may not be paying all the taxes they should be and of course the IRS and the state may consider them to be your employees. That might make you liable for state and federal employer’s taxes along with social security contributions too. We take the stress and strain out of cleaning your home. We do the hiring, training and day to day managing of the maids. It’s really the easiest way!