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How to Remove Food Coloring From Fabric

  Jonathan Teall  |    18 March 2020  |    House Cleaning Tips

Step by Step Stain Removal

Food coloring is a concentrated food safe dye that is found in most processed food items, and even in seasonal beverages (here's looking at you, Saint Patrick!). What happens when you spill some on your lightly colored carpet, or your favorite white shirt? Well, you don't have to resolve yourself to wearing your newly tie-dyed fashion statement forever. Follow these our easy stain removal process, and you're sure to clean it right up.

Canva - blue dye in water on white background

The Process

1. Wet a microfiber towel, or even a paper towel with a little cold water and begin gently blotting it up.

2. Try to get the coloring out of the fabric by just using the towel with a bit of cold water - but, if that isn't enough... apply an additional splash of rubbing alcohol and a drop or two of liquid dish detergent to the towel. The best way to control the amounts used, in whatever you do, is to apply the cleaning solution to the cloth prior to using it to clean! 

3. If that still isn't working for you - it's time to bring in the reinforcements. Seventh Generation makes an Eco-Friendly Laundry Stain Remover.

4. If it's an article of clothing, you can now put it through the washer as your normally would, and don't forget to add your usual laundry detergent. Carefully examine the stained area after the wash cycle takes place. If the stain remains (it better not!), you will need to put it through another round of stain removal. You don't ever want to take a clothing item straight out of the washer, and place into the dryer if the stain is still there - you'll cause it to set.