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How to Clean Your Dryer Vent

  Jonathan Teall  |    13 June 2019  |    Laundry Room

Let Your Dryer Be Hot like It Wants to Be

You already know that it is important to clean your dryer's lint trap after every use. However, there is another commonly forgotten step that routinely needs to take place. Otherwise, you risk the potential of enabling a fire to catch while you're drying your clothes. Every year there are 2,900 home fires that are reported every year due to lint blockages read more about this, through FEMA.The vent that connects your dryer to the outside world regularly needs to be brushed out, and then vacuumed thoroughly. Even if that worst case scenario of losing all of your work pants to a dryer's inferno doesn't take place, the dryer will still run inefficiently if the vent is clogged with excess dryer lint. This clogged vent will lead to a significant a waste of electricity, as well as damp clothes that never seem to dry thoroughly.

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Canva - Bottle brush

The Process

To clean your dryer vent in the most effective manner possible, you will want to start by purchasing a wired, flexible brush as seen in the above picture. Depending on the length of your vent, you have a few different options. The dryer vent brush that is marketed specifically for cleaning out dryer vents is usually only about between 2-6 foot, but if your vent is that short - buy one of those. 

However, the dryer vent is usually connected to the great outdoors. This could mean that your vent is much longer than that, and if you try to clean it out with a shorter brush you'll only push the lint farther in, potentially creating a blockage. You should consider purchasing a 20 foot flexible chimney brush to clean a vent like this. They are easily available through a quick google search, and they will ultimately save you a ton of time.

Once you have your brush of choice you want to make sure that the interior hose is disconnected from your dryer. Next, locate the metal dryer vent on the outside of your home. You should be able to easily pull the metal cover off to allow you to insert your brush. Push it all the way through a few times, and then do the same on the other side.

Next, you will need a vacuum with a flexible hose. Turn the vacuum on and suck out as much lint as you can, insert it as far as you can on both sides. 

Place the exterior metal dryer vent back where it originally was, and then re-attach the interior hose to your dryer. You're done! Your clothes will dry quicker and you'll never have to worry about a fire caused by your dryer.


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