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Healthy Home Cleaning Tips | Orange County House Cleaning

  Melendez  |    04 August 2015  |    House Cleaning Tips,  |    Yorba Linda

Orange County House Cleaning


Cleaning your home is a necessity to keeping your family healthy, you do not want germs and bacteria running rampant throughout your home! But, how do you know if your cleaning products will be doing more harm than good? It become necessary to ensure that your family is safe and protected from harmful chemicals to and to look at natural methods to clean your home. EarthEasy is a website that will give you a lot of good tips for developing a healthier way of cleaning your home.

Some of these tips include...using Cornstarch to clean your windows, polish furniture, and to shampoo carpets and rugs. As well as using White Vinegar to cut through grease, remove mildew odor, and to remove some stains and wax buildup. EarthEasy also recommends using Lemon to kill most household bacteria.

Use these tips to make your household a much healthier place. If you need assistance cleaning your home give us a call, You've Got Maids of Yorba Linda.